Syndicate Group


Syndicate Distillers

The private label brands and products of the Syndicate Group. We are committed to producing the best-tasting array of liquors without compromise. Always crafted to the highest standard with care and love by our team of industry veterans.

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New York Barrel Syndicate

Our team of industry veterans will open to you the lucrative world of U.S. Whiskey Investments. They will guide you through the process of investing in New Fill (NF) or aged bourbon barrels from our carefully selected partnered distilleries in Kentucky or New York. This is a RARE 1-1 financial service is tailored to your preferences, so whether your interests are a long-term barrel investment or a short-term barrel-to-bottle program we show you the opportunities in Whiskey.

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New York Whiskey Society

Coming soon our Whiskey Society will be dedicated to those whiskey advocates out there who are seeking comfortable, informative, and unique gatherings to sip world-class whiskeys. Learn from the experts in the trade, distillers, industry, execs, retailers, suppliers, etc. Please get in contact if you are interested in joining our waiting list.

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