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Brand Creation

We offer a range of services designed specifically to help our clients launch their own brands. Whether you are a retailer, barrel investor or simply like the idea of owning a liquor brand, our team of specialists have been through the process many times and are perfectly suited to breathe life into your private label brand.

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Idea to launch.We lead the way.

Aged spirits, whiskies, rums, tequila, gin, and vodka. You pick the name and we create the label with our industry-leading design team. We source or develop the spirit, bottle and ship it to you ready to sell.

Service: Retailer Direct

Are you a retailer?

Developed for the off-premises retailer and on-premises bar or restaurant, our retail direct service allows you to replace the national brands in your store with your own private label products and increase your profit margin up to 50%. From bourbon to vodka, we will deliver sale-ready premium liquors to your door.

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Service: Barrel-to-Bottle

Barrel-to-Bottle Bourbon

Perfect for individuals, groups and corporations, the barrel-to-bottle service is a boutique and personalized experience that allows you to hand-pick one of our premium select barrels from Kentucky or New York and turn it into your own private-label bourbon bottles. You will work with our design team to develop a custom label after which we will register your label with the US. and state governments. Become the proud owner of your very own small-batch craft whiskey.

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Contract Distilling

As our capabilities, investment and premises grow, we look to what the future holds for the Syndicate Group. Supporting our Retail and Barrel-to-bottle programs with more advanced on-site liquid development will be a great next step in providing our customers with a full 360 degree service.

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